I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at Stony Brook University. My research focuses on gender, sexuality, kinship, and race in Latin America, 19th century literature and culture, and hemispheric approaches to citizenship and belonging. I am the co-editor of Políticas del amor: Derechos sexuales y escrituras disidentes en el Cono Sur (Cuarto Propio, 2018), and my first book, Argentine Intimacies: Queer Kinship in an Age of Splendor, 1890-1910, is forthcoming from SUNY Press in 2019.

My research explores the mechanisms that shape individual and collective identities, as well as the effects of those identities across social and historical contexts. I investigate cultural formations such as the family and the nation in order to ask how people come to claim a particular gender, sexuality, and ethnicity as part of a broader community. Situated at the intersection of literary and cultural studies, queer studies, and Latin American studies, my work interrogates the inclusion and exclusion of desires, bodies, histories, and ideologies by examining how a given culture defines what it means to relate and be related. By exploring this matrix of social interactions, my research contributes to ongoing debates about how power functions in the modern world.

My work has been published in Critical Ethnic Studies Journal, Taller de Letras, Revista Hispánica Moderna, Hispania, Biography, and QED, and has also been featured in Indian Country Today.


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