la poderosa

Since 2010 I have served as Instructor and Communications Director for La Poderosa Media Project, a 501(c)(3) certified community-based visual arts and study abroad program. We have conducted filmmaking workshops throughout Latin America in which local youth work together with American university students to create original short films. This is a unique opportunity for both groups as we promote intercultural translation through film.

This is an organization that allows me to put into practice some of the theoretical concepts regarding empathy, community engagement, and experiential learning which I value highly. I am constantly amazed at the the power that art has to bring diverse communities together.

An article, co-authored by Alejandra Zambrano, Jorge García, and me, detailing some of the educational benefits of the program for American university students was recently published in Hispania as part of a Special Focus Issue, “The Scholarship of Community Engagement,” in June 2013 (in Spanish). [download]

Below is an introductory video that describes the overall goals of the program:


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