Thirst: Sex and Being

Fall 2017 SPN612

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Thirst: Sex and Being

This course will investigate diverse ways of desiring, sexuality, and being. It is about the appetites that populate our lives—on which we depend for survival—, as well as those that have inspired historical moments of conflict. Thirst in this course is as much about lived experiences of desire as it is about historical structures of race, class, gender, and colonialism. Our inquiry into this thirst will focus on 19th and 20th century Latin American prose, and will also incorporate thirsty queer texts from both the US and Latin America.

The thirst is real.  


Download: SPN612 Fall 2017 Thirst Pierce

Course Schedule

Week 1. Thirst, Hunger, Desire (an introduction)
8/30 Multimedia

Week 2. Drinking with Indians
9/6 Lucio V. Mansilla, Una excursión a los indios ranqueles (1870)
Kyla Wazana Tompkins, Racial Indigestion: Eating Bodies in the 19th Century,
Ch. 2, “‘She Made the Table a Snare to Them’: Sylvester Graham’s Imperial Dietetics,” pp. 53-88.

Week 3. Also, Stealing their Land
9/13 David Viñas, Indios, ejército y frontera, pp. 5-114.
Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri, Empire, pp. 1-66.
Aníbal Quijano, “Colonialidad del poder, eurocentrismo y América
Latina,” pp. 201-246.
Scott L. Morgensen, Spaces Between Us: Queer Settler Colonialism and
Indigenous Decolonization, pp. 31-53.

Week 4. Family (A Thirst for Women)
9/20 Friedrich Engels, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, pp.
Claude Lévi-Strauss, The Elementary Structures of Kinship, pp. 3-51.
Gayle Rubin, “The Traffic in Women: Notes on the ‘Political Economy’ of
Sex,” pp. 157-210.
Angela Willey, Undoing Monogamy, Ch. 1, “Monogamy’s Nature: Colonial
Sexual Science and Its Naturecultural Fruits,” pp. 25-44.

Week 5. Liberalism and its Monsters (A Thirst for Capital)
9/27 Julián Martel, La bolsa (1890)
Nicolas Shumway, Historia personal de una pasión argentina. Ch. 3, “De cómo
el liberalismo se volvió una mala palabra,” pp. 111-211.

Week 6. Neoliberalism (and its Monsters) (A Thirst for Blood)
10/4 Empaná de Pino (Dir. Wincy, 2008) (link) (watch before class)
Claudia Rodríguez, Cuerpos para odiar (2015)
Georges Bataille, Eroticism, pp. 49-116.

Week 7. Hunger and Hysteria
10/11 José Asunción Silva, De sobremesa (1925)
Sylvia Molloy, Poses de fin de siglo: Desbordes del género en la modernidad,
“El secuestro de la voz: De sobremesa como novela histérica,” pp. 189-217.

Week 8. Racialized Hunger (Eating, Feelings, Bodies)
10/18 Carolina Maria de Jesus, Quarto de Despejo: Diário de uma Favelada (1960)
[English: Child of the Dark: The Diary of Carolina Maria de Jesus]
Roxane Gay, Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body (2017) (pp. 1-63)

Week 9. Mouths: Anthropophagy (Cannibals!)
10/25 S. Freud, “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality,” pp. 239-293.
Maggie Kilgour, From Communion to Cannibalism: An Anatomy of Metaphors
of Incorporation, “Introduction: Metaphors and Incorporation,” pp. 3-19.
Oswaldo de Andrade, “Manifesto Antropofago”
Carlos A. Jáuregui, Canibalia, “Introducción: Del canibalismo al consumo:
textura y deslindes,” pp. 13-46 & “Capítulo 1: Canibalia,” pp. 47-131.

Week 10. Butts: Rectal Politics, Anal Erotics
11/1 Esteban Echeverría, “El matadero”
Selection of psychiatric and criminological texts by Francisco de Veyga, José
Ingenieros, Benigno B. Lugones, Lucas Ayarragaray, & Luis Montané
S. Freud, “Character and Anal Eroticism,” pp. 293-297.
Leo Bersani, “Is the Rectum a Grave?” October 43 (Winter, 1987): 197-222.
Jonathan A. Allan, Reading from Behind: A Cultural Analysis of the Anus. Ch.
1, “Anal Theory, or Reading from Behind,” pp. 23-47.

Week 11. Bodies, Capital, Becoming
11/8 Luis Zapata, El vampiro de la Colonia Roma (1979)
Néstor Perlongher, El negocio del deseo: La prostitución masculina en San
Pablo, Ch. 4, “Derivas y devenires,” pp. 139-183.
Paper Abstracts Due

Week 12. Call Me Papi
11/15 Josecarlo Henríquez Silva, #SoyPuto (2015)
Gayle Rubin, “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of
Sexuality,” 137-181.
Amber J. Musser, Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism. Ch. 1.
“Introduction: Theory, Flesh, Practice,” pp. 1-30.

Week 13. Feast
11/22 No Class—Thanksgiving
Mark Miles, “Grappling with Colonialism at Thanksgiving” (link)

Week 14. Passions, Pleasures, Death (little and big)
11/29 Augusto D’Halmar, Pasión y muerte del cura Deusto (1924)
Hiram Pérez, A Taste for Brown Bodies, Ch. 2, “Going to Meet the Man’ in
Abu Ghraib,” pp. 49-76.

Week 15. In The Garden of Earthly Delights
12/6 Osvaldo Lamborghini (Brief selection from Tadeys, 1983)
Workshop Final Papers
12/13 Final Essays Due via email




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